1615 Poydras - DXC Technology Center
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Emergency Information 

STATUS BULLETIN - Current Advisory

1615 Poydras Building is currently under normal operations.

1-800 Message Line
1 - 888 - 581 - 1858

Dial this 1-800 number for updates on the status of the building.  We will update the voice mail greeting with building status or re-opening notices as information changes.

** Please note:  The building emergency policy is to maintain communication with each tenant's established emergency contact/director.  Please forward any questions to your company's emergency director and they will be able to contact the management office by leaving a message at this phone number.

<  Click here to view Tenant Emergency Procedures Manual

Communication During a Building Evacuation

The contact information on this page is only for use during an emergency when the building has been evacuated.  The 800 Message Line is not activated or monitored while the building is operating under normal circumstances.  For regular contact information CLICK HERE

During an evacuation STATUS BULLETINS will be posted on this page as information changes. Check back for updates regularly.  If your questions are not answered by the bulletins, you may also contact Property Management by email or leave a message on the Emergency Message Line (1-888-581-1858).  All emails and voice mails will be answered within a 24-hour period whenever possible.

Posted bulletins will remain on the site in date order until the emergency has subsided.

It is our sincere hope that these measures will not be needed, but in the event of an emergency, we at 1615 Poydras will be prepared to communicate with our tenants to facilitate a smooth transition back to the building.